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Whole Sale Information

Thinking of selling Creamy Dream Club wholesale?

First of all, we're flattered you're considering us! We have a couple guidelines we'd like for you to follow if we team up:

Prices for our store's items in your shop must be greater than or equal to our pricing (converted to your respective currency if applicable).

You must credit our shop either on the page or in the item description of your site’s listing of our product.

NOTE: Wholesale is for the specific purpose of business resale ONLY. Wholesale is not for personal use, nor is it for getting a discount on group orders. Please only contact us if you are a business looking to stock Creamy Dream Club merch!

If you are a business wishing to purchase wholesale from Creamy Dream Club,

1. Fill out the entire form below and list the items you're interested in with the desired quantity, or contact us with any questions you have about wholesale, then send us the completed form through our website or Instagram account.

Make sure to include the following:

Desired order quantity of each item in order

After receiving your form and contact information, we will respond within 3-5 business days

Discount ranges from 35%-50%, depending on your order size and items included in the order.

After your payment, we will process and ship out your order (processing times are the same as our store's).

Shipping wholesale orders: Creamy Dream Club is only able to handle orders domestically within South Korea. The shipment of all wholesale orders outside of South Korea must be handled by the purchasing party. The purchasing party is required to pay shipping.


Please read our shipping policy prior to ordering wholesale if you haven't already!

NOTE: we ONLY allow resale through wholesale. We do not allow resale of non-wholesale order items! 

Ready to purchase? Or do you still have questions about wholesale that we haven't addressed? Fill out the form below!

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